Celebrating Celebrity Fashion

Everywhere I have looked on Social Media this morning I am bombarded with images from the Oscars, who wore what seems to once again be one of the most important questions. I mean lets just forget about all the talent in the room and focus on what dress each of the attendees is wearing.

Fashion has changed a lot over the years and I do look at some of the outfits that these people wear and wonder if they have looked in the mirror at all before they left the house or if the fact something has a designer label means that it is obviously acceptable to wear.

Being not very fashion conscious myself I am glad that I get to look back on past outfits and not be too embarassed by what I see, although lets forget the year I wore a bright orange shiny top whilst sun burnt in Greece and also the year that brightly coloured jeans were in fashion and I accidentally spilled bleach on a pair so tie dyed them. Those years can definitely be forgotten and I have to say that I am quite glad that smart phones did not exist then because you wont be finding pictures of me looking like that plastered all over facebook.

Unfortunately for many celebrities their fashion faux pas and growing style is documented for all time and the below infographic that I was sent by Gear4DJs shows how some of the celebrity fashion in the music industry has changed over the last few decades. 

This infographic was sent to me by Gear4DJs. Gear4DJs are UK suppliers of DJ equipment, including lots of interesting lighting.