The Anagranimals and the wishing tree – Brilliant Book!


What do you get when you cross a Pig, a Gorilla and a Kangaroo? A Pig-Orilla-Roo obviously!

Six animal friends are granted a wish by the magical wishing tree which allowed them to choose to change parts of their bodies to different animals. Lancelot the Lion chose a Tigers body and a Lemurs legs and tail. Heidi the Hippo chose a Crocodiles body and a Cats lower paws and tail. George the Giraffe chose an Ostrich body and Duck legs. Ebenezer the elephant chose a Zebras body and Chimpanzee feet and tail. Pedro the Pig chose a Gorillas body and Kangaroo legs and tail. Rocky the Rhino chose a Parrots body and wings and a Frogs legs.  They loved their new body parts and the wishing tree told them a special secret. If they say the magic spell they can swap body parts with each other.

The six friends are bound to have some amazing adventures and we can not wait to see what they get up too. The girls loved this story and we have already had it for the last three bedtime stories. They love looking at the different animal drawings and seeing how they are all mixed up and trying to work out what the names of the Anagranimals are.

The book is lovingly illustrated and I can see the Anagranimals becoming a huge hit and hope that it goes onto produce a TV show and toys. I am really happy to have been one of the first to read this book and will treasure this first edition dearly. Who knows maybe some day it will be worth something? The Anagranimals are a huge hit in our house and I bet they will be in your house too!


An Ele-Croco-Duck, Rhino-Tiga-Rog, Hippo-Zeb-Mur and a Pig-Orilla-Duck