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This month’s Blogger Board Game Club game is one that we requested as Alison was introduced to it at Kidtropolis. Cobra Paw is created by the very talented people behind the hit game Bananagrams. This simple game is suitable for all of the family and yet anyone can be the winner.

In the Cobra Paw box, you will find 21 Clawfuku Stones, 2 Catnippon dice and the instruction leaflet.

The story goes that the Cobra Paw game comes from an ancient stone snatching game called Clawfuku which is believed to have been invented by Phee Lion. As you can see the cat puns are rife in this game but it certainly adds to its charm. Phee Lions paws were so fast that no-one could defeat him until a ninja called Master Meow challenged him to a game. Master Meow had developed a technique called Cobra Paw, where his paw would strike like a cobra, snatching the stone before anyone else. This is the technique needed to play this game.

The game is simple, the dice is rolled and the two symbols on the dice will match one of the Clawfuku stones. The first player to get to the stone gets to keep it and the first to obtain 6 stones (or 8 for a two player game) wins. The game is started by the person with the smallest paws.

There are rules though. You must not use your palms to snatch a stone, only your fingers may be used. You can snatch from the centre pile or from someone else’s pile. If multiple opponents touch the stone the person whose finger is closest to the dip in the middle of the stone is the winner of that stone. You must only snatch with one hand, however, you can roll with one hand and snatch with the other.

We loved playing Cobra Paw and it has quickly become one of our favourite games and one we will no doubt take on holiday with us when we go away. Although we may put the tiles and dice into a bag for travelling as the box is an awkward shape and it doesn’t really need to be that size.

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