5 simple ways to save money

I hate to think I could be paying more for something than I need to be. It’s always frustrating when you’ve made a purchase somewhere and then you find the exact same item cheaper elsewhere. For this reason, I will take my time and shop around and I’ve become quite the savvy shopper on the back of it. This ethic doesn’t have to stop with shopping though and I’ve compiled a list of ways you could potentially save money!

Utility Tariffs

I always shop around for the best utility tariff available at my time of renewal but you will know as well as I do that the rates change on a weekly basis and what seems a good deal today won’t necessarily be a good deal next week. It’s always worth giving the utility company a call and inquiring about their current rates and seeing if you can switch and save money. Normally I wouldn’t bother until the deal as up but by doing this periodically throughout the year I’ve managed to reduce my rate and save money!

Regular Meter Readings

Whilst mentioning utilities it’s a good idea to do regular meter readings to make sure that your bills are accurate. Utility companies only take meter readings quarterly and sometimes only half yearly. This means your bill is based on estimated figures which may not be an accurate representation of how much you truly owe. If you can take and send regular meter readings to your utility company they will be able to recalculate your bill more accurately meaning you will be less likely to overpay.

Ditch the Brands

Recently I have been swapping out my usually branded products in my weekly shop and trying the supermarket own brand. By doing this I’ve managed to save money on my weekly shopping budget and the rest of the family haven’t even noticed the difference! It seems so silly to be paying more for the exact same product just because of the brand name.

Check for Money Owed

If you knew someone owed you money you would want it back right? Everybody has heard about companies in the past that have mis-sold products or overcharged people incorrectly. Some people don’t even realise that this happened to them! If this isn’t an avenue you have explored then potentially you could be owed money that you previously overpaid. It’s worth looking into any mortgage claims if you are or have been a homeowner previously because you may be owed money from there too!

Don’t Auto Renew

It’s tempting when the insurance renewal comes through the door to just accept the increased monthly payments and have no hassle or loss of cover. Often when it comes to renewal time your insurance premium will increase despite not making any previous claims. It’s always worth shopping around and sourcing new quotes to ensure you are on the best and cheapest deal. After all, there is no point paying a huge premium when you can have the same cover for a cheaper price.

What are your top money saving tips?