Club Petz Funny – Charlie Funny Talkie

Another addition to the Club Petz Funny range is Charlie Funny Talkie. Charlie is a cheeky feature plush parrot that takes 3 AAA batteries and comes in a plastic cage that can be kept and played with.

charlie funny talkie

Charlie Funny Talkie has a on-off-try me switch on the bottom as well as an elasticated strap that allows Charlie to be placed on your arm. Charlie memorises the sounds and voices that he hears and reproduces them in his own voice by moving his mouth. He also adds parrot noises.  Charlie has a soft outer but the inside is full of mechanics so is not cuddly but he is nice to stroke.

Both girls have enjoyed getting him to copy a variety of phrases and it is quite funny when he copies something you don’t expect and he keeps repeating.

charlie funny talkie cuddly

To operate Charlie Funny Talkie place the switch in the On position and press the button on Charlie’s chest. When activated Charlie makes a sound, he will then record any sounds or voices within his reach for a maximum period of 3 seconds. Charlie will then repeat what he record twice interspersed with parrot noises. As soon as he has done that he will then record again. He will keep doing this until you press the button on his chest, switched him off or when he has not detected any sounds for 60 seconds.

Charlie funny talkie is loads of fun and because of the elastic strap, you can wear him on your arm for even more enjoyment. The girls both loved Charlie and the fact that he came in a plastic cage which can be reused is even better. I hate having to throw out loads of cardboard packaging so this was a real plus for me and Charlie looks great in his cage sat on a shelf repeating what you say just like a real parrot!

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