Brainstorm Deep Space home planetarium and projector

Alison has been learning about space at school recently and it seems to have really given her an interest so I asked Brainstorm if I could review one of their related products. Brainstorm have a fabulous range of space related products including a RC illuminated moon or solar system, projector torches and Glowstars. In fact I think I would quite like to fall asleep with the Aurora northern or southern projector going in my bedroom. Anyway Brainstorm agreed and sent me the Deep Space Home Planetarium and Projector.
The Deep Space Home Planetarium and projector can be used in four different ways.

Night Light

Using just the clear dome on the top of the projector you get a blue diffused light which is great to me used as a nightlight.


The set includes two black domes one with stars and one with constellations. If you remove the clear dome and place the star one on you get the lovely effect shown at the top of this post. This is Alison’s favourite thing and she puts this on each night. The Constellations dome is also fabulous to look at. The domes lock into place and is rotated slowly.


If you flip the Planetarium over and move the switch to projector you can now insert the three included image disks to view the pictures. The disks include pictures from the Hubble telescope, images of the moon and images of the planets. Depending on the distance to the surface you are projecting on you may need to focus the image using the turning bit on the top.
The set came with a great book which told you more about the projected images and the constellations which was fantastic. Alison took the set and the book into school to show her class and they all loved it. I would definitely recommend it if your child is into space as it really captured her imagination, taught her some new things and is practical enough to use every night.