VTech Innotab Max

We have never has a Vtech Innotab before so I was very interested in getting my hands on the Innotab Max. This 7inch tablet with a multi touch screen and 8GB built in memory (expandable up to 40GB with a micro SD card) is perfect for children aged 3 to 9 years.

The Innotab Max comes with a flip and fold cover that also doubles as a stand and is removable. It also comes with a handle and has a rechargeable battery.

With a variety of games available in the online store including licensed games featuring your childrens favourite characters as well as educational apps, story books, videos and more there is loads to download and play. The Vtech store has apps of the week at a reduced price so it is worth logging on to keep an eye on which one is available.

The Vtech Innotab Max comes with 18 included apps and a 2MP 180 degree turning camera which will keep your children occupied for hours.

Elizabeth absolutely loved the camera and enjoys taking photos and video of our adventures and using the Wonder Cam Max and Movie Maker apps to make them even more interesting.

We have not bought any additional apps yet but it looks easy enough and although some of them are quite expensive there are a lot for a few pounds that I know the girls will enjoy.

The girls have really enjoyed using the Vtech and because it has the cover I am happy for them to pop it into their bags when we are off out for the day and I don’t have to worry about the screen getting cracked.

We would recommend the Innotab Max but we will have to get some more apps for it if we want to keep the children interested in it.