The Lion Guard – Leap ‘N Roar Kion

As a huge fan of The Lion King I am really happy that the story is continuing with The Lion Guard and although both of my girls are a bit old to be watching Disney Junior I am still intrigued by the collection of toys that are being produced to support the series. With this in mind, I agreed to review the new Leap ‘N Roar Kion from Just Play.

leap 'n roar kion

The Lion Guard Leap ‘N Roar Kion takes 3 AA batteries and comes with demo batteries installed. It has a try me, on and off switch which is really useful as it goes off when you walk passed it and it scares you half to death. Or maybe that is just me. Leap ‘N Roar Kion has two main functions the leaping function which can be actioned by pressing his hind legs into a sitting position and the roaring function which is motion sensitive and prompts Kion to roar and speak phrases from the programme.

Leap 'N Roar Kion

It was impossible to capture a picture of Leap ‘N Roar Kion in his sitting position as his reflexes are really good and he jumps up really quickly. I did find that his spoken phrases were very repetitive but this is something that young kids seem to enjoy and as he is aimed at children aged 3 plus then I think that this is ideal for them.

He is made from a lovely soft plush with an embroidered patch on the side of his front leg. He has very expressive eyes and is very tactile with additional fur on his head and tail.  He has an animated mouth and head and is only slightly cuddly as he has a hard interior with a soft outer.

I can definitely see fans of the Lion Guard absolutely loving the Leap ‘N Roar Kion and the little girl we gave this too was absolutely over the moon to get it and has been taking it to bed with her each night.

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