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I love a good challenge so I knew that Arokah would be perfect for me as soon as I saw it. Less of a board game and more of a boxed brain teaser, Arokah is the latest instalment sent to me by the Bloggers Board Game Club.

Arokah is a beautiful wooden puzzle that includes 6 different levels to try and master. There are lots of different ways to solve the puzzles so even when you have completed a level you can try and complete it with less pieces.

The wooden base is really well made and on one side it makes up one of the level 6 master puzzles and on the reverse is designed to hold the puzzle templates so you can use it as a playing board. You get 23 beautiful wooden pieces with a symbol on one side (you must always place these symbols side up). None of the pieces is the same which can be very frustrating when you have already used the piece that you need. The contract between the light wood of the puzzle pieces and the dark wood of the base looks fantastic and is something that you could actually display on a coffee table.

To play, you place one of the puzzle sheets into the base and then use the light wooden pieces to fill in the shape. Although this looks easy it is definitely a challenge that gets harder as you progress through the levels.

It wasn’t just myself who enjoyed Arokah. Alison loved the challenge and I think it is great that it challenges your mind and yet it is still fun for children.

Suitable for players aged 6 plus and has an RRP of £19.99 which I think is reasonable considering the quality of the board and the wooden shapes. I would recommend this to people who loved solving puzzles and who like a challenge because the master levels take some beating.

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