Getting Girls Active Without Joining a Club

2017 was a fantastic year for women in sport, capped off with England’s women cricketers picking up the Team of the Year award at the Sports Personality of the Year ceremony in December. With women’s sport now taking a prominent role in public life, it’s only right that your little girl wants to get involved. However, it can be tough to take them to clubs and classes, as well as expensive to go every week. With this in mind, here are some sports that help to get girls active without the expense.

Scooting and Skating

Scooting and skating can be perfect even if you don’t have a local park nearby, a scooter and a little bit of space are all you really need (as well as all-important safety equipment, of course).

Both scooting and skating are great at burning off excess energy, and if you do have park access, they can even learn tricks, too. Plus, even without joining a club, your child can still enjoy the social aspect of the sport down the park, helping to get girls active and make new friends. Plus, with sites like Skate Hut selling equipment online, it’s a cheap hobby that won’t break the bank.


With basketball, not only will your little girl have a cheap hobby to start, but there’s no need to leave the garden or driveway, which is perfect if they’re a little younger and you want to be able to see them at all times.

All you really need is a ball and a hoop to begin. Basketball’s great because of how accessible it is, and there aren’t many rules. With the rise of the WNBA, they’ll also never be short of a hero.

As they get better and older, they can also go to a local court to play with their friends.

Running and Cycling

Finally, as your child get a little older, you should teach them how to run and cycle, to maximise the number of calories they can burn off. Cycling is a get way to get girls active and is good family activity as well.

However, not only are running and cycling good for burning off energy and calories, but they’re also great for teaching safety and responsibility, as well as bonding. Running and cycling on the open roads can be a great experience for a child, as long as they’re properly supervised, to begin with. Then, as they age, they can spread their wings alone, gaining a real sense of achievement.

All these great sports can help to keep your child active regardless of the age of your child or your budget. So why not make 2018 the year you help them get active?