How to Save Money on Your Heating Oil

In the UK and Ireland, about 1.3 million homes are heated by oil, which is why I decided it was worth writing this article. Below are my top tips for saving on your heating oil bills. Naturally, this article is going to be of particular interest to those who use this fuel. However, many of the tips outlined below just as easily be used in homes that are heated using wood, gas or electric. In most cases, the money-saving principles I have outlined are the same for all fuel and power types.

Find the best deal

Regardless of the type of fuel you use, shopping around for the best deal is essential. When it comes to heating oil that usually means getting a quote each time you need to a delivery. You can easily do so by using Emo Oil ´s online quote engine. If this firm does not serve your area, all you need to do is to ring those suppliers who do and ask them for quotes. When you do so, look out for any hidden charges. For example, some firms offer a very low per litre rate, but charge an additional delivery or admin fee. Unfortunately, this can leave you having to pay far more than you should for your oil.

Consider ordering outside of times of peak demand

Whenever possible, order your oil early. Doing so can help you to secure a better price. This is because oil delivery firms are nowhere near as busy in the summer months. As a result, they frequently charge less to encourage customers to order from them at that time of the year.

Keep an eye on the price of crude oil

There is a link between the prices of these two very different oil products. Understanding that relationship will help you to be able to predict when the price of heating oil is likely to go up. Being able to do that gives you the option of topping up your tank before that happens. You can learn more about the link between the two prices, by clicking here.

Take advantage of special deals and arrangements

Understandably, oil firms like their tankers to leave their depot full. They also prefer them to deliver to homes or businesses that are located in close proximity to each other. Delivering in this way is far more economical for the oil firm. It allows them to make maximum use of the driver´s time and ensures they do not waste fuel running around from one delivery address to another.

As a result, a lot of heating oil firms put together special deals for those customers who agree to accept their delivery on certain days. If the dealers that cover your area do not do this, consider clubbing together with neighbours and placing your order as a group. Doing this takes a bit of organizing, but it will enable you and your neighbours to negotiate and pay less for your heating oil.

Maintain your boiler properly

Keeping your boiler properly maintained also has the potential to save you money. A well-serviced boiler will burn fuel more efficiently, meaning that you will use less heating oil.