Argo fuck yourself


When a film wins big in the awards it is usually a good sign for me to not watch it. Argo on the other hand sounded like exactly the sort of film I wanted to watch.

Based on a true story of trying to rescue people from behind enemy lines and with Ben Affleck starring in it I knew that I had to give it a chance even if it is a popular film.

I loved every minute of it, filmed in a very non Hollywood way you really do feel as though you have gone back in time and you can believe that the characters are really going through the trauma of being in hiding. With some great humour added into the film and the catch phrase Argo fuck yourself I really enjoyed watching it.

I would definitely recommend that you watch it but I am not lending you my copy in case I don’t get it back. This is one dvd that I definitely want to watch again.

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We were sent this dvd for the purpose of this review