Trying to convert my kids


See that lovely crest there. Its nice isn’t it. I don’t get to show it very often. Living in Manchester with a United fan for a husband, a United fan for a mother and all the in-laws and most of my own family supporting them too I am at a bit of a disadvantage.

I thought if we had two kids we could split them, one could support United and one could support Liverpool. This doesn’t seem to be the case. They both have united shirts and no Liverpool shirts.

I want this to change, I want my girls to want to be like Mummy. OK so Liverpool FC are not that great anymore but you never know one day they might be good again. Mind you we are 6th in the table which is better than we have been.

I have decided to take a stand and I found the Liverpool away kit in JD Sports for really cheap (maybe that is a sign of how rubbish they are). I am going to get one for each of the girls. It might end in disaster though. You never know hubby might even issue divorce papers. These United fans seem to be a bit protective and don’t like a little bit of competition.