I can’t resist

I was doing my daily catch up on blogs this morning and I saw a post by Emmys Mummy who was writing about how much of a Diva Emmy is. Elizabeth is exactly the same and as I wrote the other week she needed new school shoes. Unfortunately whilst buying her some more I found out her feet had grown so all the gorgeous trainers she has also don’t fit.

I loved the Hello Kitty Vans that Emmys Mummy put in the post but when I looked I found these gorgeous Pink Hello Kitty Vans in Bank Fashion instead. I completely blame Emmys Mummy obviously. If she didnt write about such gorgeous shoes then I wouldn’t be looking at them. Mind you Elizabeth does need some.

They don’t have them in her size yet but I will keep checking as I have fallen in love with them.

I am constantly spending money on the girls whether on clothes shoes or treats and even more so now the girls are at school and I have to find ways to fill in my days. I just cant resist browsing the shops online to see what bargains I can find.

Elizabeth now has school shoes, wellies and once these are in stock then some trainers too but surely a girl needs more than three pairs of shoes? How many shoes do your kids have?