Animagic Tessie goes Trotting


Animals on leads is an obsession of Elizabeth’s and every time the Animagic adverts come on she always says that she wants one. When I got offered a Tessie goes trotting for review I knew it would be one toy that she would love to have.

I was a bit disappointed when I saw the lead as it only has an on and off switch. This is where reading the instructions would have paid off as Tessie turns when the lead is turned which actually works really well for the girls.

Tessie’s lead lights up with different colours when it is turned on and looks great in the dark but is kind of pointless in the light and it would save batteries if this was able to be turned off.

The girls love Tessie and have already requested that Cassie goes catwalk and Fluffy goes walkies join our family too.

Vivid imaginations sent us Tessie goes trotting for the purpose of this review.