Mr Colour Maker


Now I don’t know about you but I was convinced that Mr Colour Maker would be too much of a baby toy for either of my girls to really enjoy it but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Even though my girls know all their colours and even though Elizabeth knows that blue and yellow make green she just loves following Mr Colour Makers instructions to do it.

I let them have a play with it thinking that it will be one of those toys that they play with once before getting bored but again I was wrong.

If Elizabeth feels up to playing with anything at the moment it is Mr Colour Maker and it is also teaching Alison about mixing colours too. Well when Elizabeth lets her have a go that is.

I am actually quite annoyed by it as you cant just play with it, you have to follow the instructions and you can’t mess around and see what purple and yellow makes which is the sort of thing I would have wanted to do but then I always was a rebel.

As far as the actual toy goes it is very well built, educational, only slightly annoying (and the british/german switch makes it hilarious at times) and it seems to be able to stand the test of time because two weeks in and it is still the favourite even though we have new toys coming through the door all the time.

This would be definitely recommended for a toddler and maybe even younger as there is no small parts to be concerned about.

Tomy sent us Mr Colour Maker for the purpose of this review.