Worlds Apart WobbleDeck


A great skill game the wobble deck has been a huge hit in our house. Even though the box says for 5 + both Alison and Elizabeth have enjoyed playing with this toy.

With four games, including Alison’s favourite Copy Wobble and Elizabeth’s favourite Musical wobble, there really is a game for everyone. I enjoy Memory wobble and I was even surprised to see that Elizabeth does really well on this game too.

The thing I like most about this is that you can use it to stand on and wobble or you can take it apart and turn it into a handheld game.

Elizabeth uses it as a handheld game and I find that it is really good for keeping her mind active and would be a great educational game. It is certainly helping Alison with her number recognition. Each colour also has an associated number and shape which is used in the games to make them a little bit more difficult.

The board is a little small for big adult feet but this doesn’t stop the enjoyment of it as I have played it whilst sat down and just moving my ankles to wobble the board or by holding it in my hand.

There is two things that I would have liked to have seen. Firstly a volume control as the instructions are quite loud. Secondly I would have liked it to clip together a bit better as it does tend to come apart when you pick it up but then if it didn’t come apart easily the kids would constantly harass you to take it apart.

All in all a great christmas toy that includes physical exercise and is educational all without the kids having a clue so definitely a thumbs up from us.

Worlds Apart gave me this item for the purpose of this review.