Alphablocks Reading Program

We have always loved the Alphablocks and I think that the program is great for teaching children their phonics in a fun and easy to follow way. We have the dvds and the girls enjoy watching them and it has really helped with their blended phonics.

When I heard that the Alphablocks magazine had launched the Alphablocks Reading Programme to support young children to develop their reading ability, we jumped at the chance to review the programme and we will keep you updated as we receive each of the three packages.

The programme has been designed by phonics experts and comes complete with 15 Alphablocks Reading Programme magazines and lots of fun Alphablocks resources including finger puppets, games and stickers. Each of the Alphablocks Reading Programme magazines will grow with the child as they develop their skills and introduce new words and phonics. You can find out more information on this link

Pack One

In pack one we are introduced to the first steps and next steps. We gradually meet the whole alphabet and their sounds, then start to blend them together to make simple words. The first set of high-frequency words is introduced too.
The pack includes:

  • Magazines 1 to 5 plus 166 stickers
  • 8 flashcards
  • 86 Alphablocks tiles
  • 150 gold stars
  • 4 Alphablocks games
  • Pencil case & pencil

Alison got started on the first magazine straight away and although she knows the basic phonics sounds she enjoyed doing the activities and it doesn’t hurt to reaffirm the basics and practice her pencil control.

Both girls enjoyed using the bits that came with the magazine and even Elizabeth got involved in sounding out words to put on the finger puppets or using the tiles to write her name.

Pack Two

In pack two we revise the first steps and next steps and then we are introduced to sound teams such as th, sh and ch.

The pack includes:

  • Magazines 6 to 10
  • 166 stickers
  • 20 flashcards
  • 13 Alphablocks tiles
  • 150 gold stars
The flashcards are two sided as shown below so they are great for different levels of learning.
Adding the new sound teams to the tiles we already have will really help the girls to spell more words.
We are really enjoying the Alphablocks reading programme and I am looking forward to receiving the final part soon.

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