#AdoptAnAnimagic Week 2 – Fluffy goes walkies


This last week we have been breaking in a new Puppy. Fluffy the adorable Animagic comes with a brilliant light up lead which allows you to take him for a walk and listen to him bark.

He is not cuddly as he has a solid body but he is still soft and fluffy and Elizabeth has had great fun brushing his hair.

Remove his lead and he is an immobile dog.


For an immobile dog he certainly gets around and he has been under my feet a few times in the last week.

The girls seem to think it is funny to place him around the house in a variety of different places that a young dog should never be, like the cats bed!

The cat took offense to having a dog in his bed and so decided to take revenge. The picture below may look cute but Katsuma has just been beating Fluffy up before looking sweetly at the camera.