Letters to Santa


It is that time of year and the kids have already started writing their letters to Santa. In our house they are only allowed to ask  Santa for one present.

We have always said that Santa can only bring each child one present and as we don’t want them to
have a huge pile of presents that they come to expect every year and I would rather that they had a variety of presents for Christmas rather than just toys. I will be writing more about our Christmas present plans soon.

Elizabeth’s letter is on the left on the pink paper and Alison’s is on the right on the blue paper. These are the letters they will be giving to Santa when we see him.

They told me what to write and then they copied my letter.

Elizabeth writes

“To Santa
I have been good I would like Barbie Walkie Talkie shoes
Love Elizabeth Seaton”

Alison writes

“To Santa
I have been good. For Xmas I want a dog that burps.
Love Alison Seaton”

We will actually be writing a few letters to Santa, one we will hand to Santa when we see him, one we will post to him and one we will post in our local Disneystore.

The girls got bored after writing the first letter but thankfully Verbaudet have some fantastic Letter templates to download and we will be using those for our posting letter and our Disneystore letter.

Writing a letter to Santa is an important part of Christmas and we have taken a letter to our local Disneystore the last few years to help them give a cuddly toy to a child in need. Our local store donates the toys to Royal Manchester children’s hospital so it is even more apt that we take part.

Why not see if your local Disneystore is donating to a charity near you? I think the Pile of presents template will look great being posted in the magical Disney store post box and for each letter you post Disneystore will give a child a lovely cuddly toy this Christmas. I might even write one from me.

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