6oz Cubic Santeen Pewter Hip Flask

Receiving a Hip Flask as a present usually says a couple of things about how your close friends and family perceive you.  The first is that you’re getting older and the second is that you must like to have a drink.  However having a hipflask is no longer reserved for your grandpa as Hip flasks have become very popular and with the new designs and beautiful engraving it can really become a personal present to be treasured forever.

Picking up this hip flask in your hands you can immediately feel the craftsmanship that has gone into making it.  The santeen brushed finish looks great and gives it that sleek minimalistic finish.  The screw top lid closely resembles a nut, which would perfectly complement any man who is really into his tools.  The soft cubed edges gives the hip flask a contemporary look in comparison to the more traditional flasks.

This hip flask was made in Scotland by Buyahipflask.com, who also offer engravings, hence why I decided to have my Hubby’s blogger name put on it.  They also ship the product to you in a standard presentation box and there is the option to upgrade your purchase to presentation gift set.

Hopefully it will be a gift that Hubby treasures for years to come, however, he intends to use this hip flask on family days out I won’t be happy.