We were sent a set of Magno-z for the girls to play with and I have to say I wasn’t really sure what they were, what they did or why kids would think they were fun but kids being kids always seem to surprise me and they were very excited about this new delivery.
Magno-z come in lots of different colours with different facial expressions. Magno-z are described as are hair-ee, springy, stretchy magnetic fun. They have patented magnetic connectors which mean that you can attach your Magno-Z characters to any metal surface. You can decorate your fridge – or accessorise your bike or scooter. They also stick together, so you can use them to make fun jewellery or funky hair decorations or just for a bit of fun.

The girls have really enjoyed playing with them and I am finding them everywhere around the house and with the tv advert on our screens and at just £2.99 each these could soon become the newest playground craze.