Wonderbook: Walking with Dinosaurs


The second game of a double header coming out this Christmas for the PS3’s Wonderbook peripheral.  I was looking forward to this game more because I was curious to see how Walking with Dinosaurs would make good use of the Wonderbook technology.  First off it’s completely by chance that the game is out around the same time that the 3D film hits cinemas.  Because of the timing, both Sony and the BBC have worked together ensuring that the game complements the film’s story. You get to catch up and interact with the main characters, Patchi and Juniper.  I really enjoyed my first encounter with the Gorgosaurus named “Gorgo” and especially when he ate Patchi’s love rival.  I’ve not seen the film yet only the recent trailers, so I can’t wait to take the kids to the cinema around the 20th December.

Parents will be pleased to hear that this is an interactive and educational type of game.  If one of your youngsters has started to show an interest in dinosaurs then why not make their Christmas and get them this game.  Watch in amazement as your child excavates dinosaur bones and pieces them together in order for the dinosaur to come alive before your very eyes.  There were some moments during the game that my two girls found really scary, such as the river crossing with the Deinosuchus, but I see that as a complement to the game’s creators for such a great atmosphere.  There are 5 chapters to work your way through, with many little tasks to complete along the way such as dinosaur spotting, scanning for plant life, collecting cards and fight sequences that require you to move the controller.  As you finish each chapter you will be quizzed on what you’ve learnt so far.  This is all kept interesting by the medal award system, which had my eldest and I wanting gold every time.

At present this has got to be one of the most fun experiences that my family has had with an educational game.  Despite the recent release of the PlayStation 4, I do hope that Sony continue to develop games for the Wonderbook.  Maybe more titles like these and some demo sessions in shopping centres, and the Wonderbook could be the most sort after item this Christmas.