Life is too short

This year I have had a few health scares from lumps under my armpits to a sore upper arm none of it has been serious but it has certainly made me take stock and think things through. Having a daughter with cancer has made me realise that this sort of thing really can and does hit anyone.

Now I love the NHS it has been fantastic for Elizabeth and apart from the initial struggle for a blood test they have supported her and us and done their best. I can not thank my consultant enough for that but what I struggle with is getting a diagnosis or help for minor complaints.

A lump under my armpit saw me rushed through clinic at a local hospital within a week, the pain in my arm that has been there for months is more of a struggle. I had an xray which was clear so now they don’t know what to do with me. Just because there is no clear path to diagnosis they give up and stop trying. My in growing toe nail which my Doctors surgery have known about for over a year has finally been given a date to operate in 10 days time. I will be in bandages for 6 weeks over Christmas. I suppose there is never a convenient time for these things to be done but having waited so long just seems silly.

My problem with the NHS is not the hospitals, consultants and nurses it is getting through the doctors surgery doors and then being referred to the right place. It shouldn’t be so hard and with my arm aching more than usually I have decided that maybe I need to think about going private. Which means I need to look into getting Health insurance.

I always compare insurance before I buy it but with health insurance I have been struggling to use the large comparison sites. Insure Me On Line have a small but good selection of insurers and
the comparison details made it easy to choose the level of cover and the company.

I think as I get older I need to start looking after myself a bit more and spending my time on NHS waiting lists is not what life is all about. I want to get seen and put my mind at ease and know that whatever it is that is wrong is being treated quickly and efficiently. Life is too short to wait on things like this.

Life is for living and having fun not always wondering what else can go wrong.

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