Star Stable – A MMO for horse lovers

If you child has been asking for a pony for Christmas do not despair send them online to StarStable and they can look after their very own horse online.

This great MMO (massively multiplayer online) game allows you to create a character and horse and explore the world of StarStable. You need to look after your horse by grooming and feeding them and complete small missions and training objectives.

Creating your person and horse allows you to change their appearance and name. However the names can only be selected from multiple choices and you will find the most popular ones have gone. The fact that they are multiple choice does prevent abusive names being used which has got to be a good thing.
One annoying aspect of StarStable is that you need to download software onto your pc or laptop before you can play and when you do play it is not through your normal browser window. This is irritating because it means if you are a family of many devices like us you cant just log on to any of them to play like we would with other MMO games such as Moshi Monsters.
Once out and about you need to complete tasks to progress and this helps as a training guide of showing you what to do and how to do it. Controlling your horse or character is done using the keyboard arrow keys (or other key combinations) or my using your mouse although even I find using the mouse tricky and Elizabeth (6) finds it near impossible.
You can play StarStable for free up to level 4 but after that you will need to pay on a subscription basis. You can pay monthly or pay a one of subscription of £49.99 to become a lifetime StarStable member which could make a great present for someone if you know they will love this game.

As a Star Rider (what a member is called) you get access to different horses, 100 star coins a week and you get to explore the whole world. 

We have only just scratched the surface of this game but it looks exciting and challenging with a variety of places to investigate, missions to complete and races to be won. With the weekly updates that keep the seasons turning and more playability being added there is always something new to see and explore.