You can’t do much with £100 . . .

It seems that £100 doesn’t go very far at the moment and with Christmas looming getting the most out of your money is really important. I have teamed up with Huawei the makers of the Ascend Y550 to show you what fun you can have with £100 and to also give you the opportunity to win £100 and an Ascend Y550 handset. 

The Huawei Ascend Y550 handset is the first Huawei handset to feature 4G and cost less than £100! It comes with a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP Selfie camera and to make it even better it has a great selfie feature that shows you where to look and also gives a countdown to it taking the picture which is great for getting your pose right. 


The Ascend Y550 comes with 4GB internal storage which is expandable with a micro SD card up to 32GB. The 4.5 inch screen has a resolution of 854 x 480 which isn’t great but it is certainly useable. Running on Android Kitkat but with Huawei Emotion user interface over the top it does have a few flaws that annoy a more tech savvy user like myself. The fact that there is no app tray and all applications are on my home screens is an irritation as I love my screens being clear but with the addition of an extra screen that I can keep blank it only annoys me a little bit. It comes preloaded with a few apps that are not necessary like a weather app but no where near as many as can be found on a sony device for example. It is also loaded with most of the apps I would need to get started such as facebook, twitter, google plus and youtube.

The phone does look and feel slightly cheap due to the plastic backing case but I think that it would be more robust. The screen is the same size as my Z3 compact yet the phone itself is taller by about half a centimeter and a few millimeters wider. 

The phone is a fairly capable smart phone suitable for new or young users. If your tween is harassing for a phone with a decent download speed then this is definitely a good option. It is also good if you find yourself killing phones regularly as the cheap price point gives you great connectivity, social media suitable cameras and with the 64 bit 1.2Ghz processor the performance isn’t bad either.