Painting Gallery with Niru Niru & Friends

Both girls absolutely love playing on the ipad and one of the things they like doing most is playing on one of our many art apps. I was asked to have a look at the new app by Joyous Works called Painting Gallery with Niru Niru and friends.

When you first open the app you enter the gallery where there are a variety of pictures to colour in and create. 

The first thing I always do is head into the parents area to check to see if there is anything I need to lock down. This app has no in game purchases which is fantastic and it means that I am safe in the knowledge that the girls cant get up to any mischief whilst playing it.
The parents area tells you more about the painting gallery and how to use it, allows you to go into the voice recording section, tells you about Niru and her friends and tells you more about Joyful works and the other games they have created.

The main bit I loved here was the voice Recording section.

In this section you can record the different colours names against each one so your children can learn to recognise the 30 different colours or if you really want to make them giggle you can record a variety of funny words. I did this without telling Alison and she was in hysterics and went through every single colour but her favourite was Olive where I shouted Bogies in the style of Dick and Dom.

Getting back to the sensible playing we head into the painting gallery where the children’s imaginations can come alive.

You can start by colouring in one of the pre made pictures using the colouring materials on the left or you can really get creative.

The first thing to do is choose your background by selecting the backgrounds on the bottom right. This allows you to use plain paper or a scene setting. This is also how to completely start again.

You can then use the other icons along the bottom to select a variety of stickers whether they are coloured in already or plain waiting for your artistic touch. There are over 100 stickers to use.
Changing the colours of your drawing implements is really easy, you just need to tap the bottom left hand corner and the colour wheel will open. You then need to select your colour and the colour wheel will shrink again and all the colouring implements will now show the new colour.
Between the colouring implements and the wheel is what looks like a small roll of pictures you click on this to go back to the main gallery. The gallery will now be filled full of all your creations.
You can change the frame on the pictures by tapping them and move images around your gallery by placing your finger on the selected drawing until it detaches and then dragging it around the gallery. This was useful for when the girls wanted to separate their drawings as one end was Alison’s and one end was Elizabeth’s.
They have both created so many pictures that they actually made the ipad run out of batteries just by playing this game over the last few days. I love the two drawings below by Alison and Elizabeth.
Painting Gallery with Niru Niru & Friends is now available on the Apple App Store. It costs £2.29, and can be bought from here:

We have really enjoyed playing with this app and I can imagine it will be a firm favourite for a while to come and I definitely recommend you get it. Check out this youtube trailer to see the app in action.