Toast to the Top! #Breville #Warburtons

Just as I was packing out car for our holiday last week I received a delivery. It contained this lovely Breville shiny toaster and a loaf of Warburtons Toastie bread. Well I chucked it in the boot and took it with us.
Toast is one of my weaknesses but I am picky. I need to eat it hot or smothered in marmite. It needs to be on thick bread, the thicker the better. It needs to be golden brown and not dark brown, burnt is a definite no no but uncooked is just as bad.

Anyway Breville sent me their new toaster which has been designed with Warburtons Toastie bread in mind. With extra deep slots the toaster manages to toast all the way to the top which means I no longer have to rip the top of my toast off and throw it in the bin. Just look at the slice below!