Moshi Karts


I’m sure most people who own an iPhone or iPad have played these popular runner style games.  Well hold on to your socks because any Moshi Monster fans in your household will be begging you to download this game.

As Katsuma you will be hurtling through the world of Moshi, dodging and destroying obstacles in order to defeat the evil Dr. Strangeglove and his Glump cronies.  The game provides players with 40 levels of tracks to speed through, where you can earn bonuses to unlock new karts and use boosts to jump, smash and drift you’re way around the courses.

Moshi Karts is available to download for free, however, some additional items can be downloaded for a small fee.  There is a safety net though, if parents do not wish to use this feature simply turn off the in-app purchases on their device.

Being a huge Katsuma fan, this game was well received by our youngest Alison, who was able to play this game without any assistance due to the brilliant one finger touch control system.  Hopefully there will be more tracks released during the life of the game or even additional characters to play with.  I know Elizabeth would be overjoyed to find a Poppet character to choose from.  Personally I’m hoping there will be a Zommer character with full Zommer inspired Kart that has a massive stereo system and furry dice.