Lalaloopsy Ponies – Tangerine


The land of Lalaloopsy now has some gorgeous Ponies!

We were sent Tangerine. According to the packet these Lalaloopsy Ponies come with a magical, fruity twist! Tangerine the Pony smells just like zingy citrus fruit and has a sweet-shaped brush to untangle her orange hair. Four bow clips are included to make her look even prettier.

Now personally I can’t smell anything apart from plastic which is a shame however when I saw some of the others in a toy shop I had a sniff and they smelt great so maybe it is just the one I received.

Tangerine is 12cm tall and she comes with four clips in two different colours, the clips are really easy for little fingers and fit around the rubbery hair easily. She also comes with a great little brush in the shape of a sweet. I wasn’t sure it would work because of the type of hair on the pony but actually it works really well as the teeth of the brush are set far enough apart.

For around £6 the Lalaloopsy ponies are a great toy for kids to collect and play with and if your kids are into hair play then this is fantastic for that too.