Christmas Lists

OK don’t have a go at me but you know it is only 98 days 5 hours 45 minutes until Christmas right?

I don’t know if you are like me but I like to be organised. We have a large family and lots of friends who all like to buy something for the girls. I always end up with messages or phone calls asking me what they want. Put on the spot I can never remember. There is also the added embarrassment of asking what peoples budget is. You don’t want to tell them a present that is too expensive and make them feel obligated to buy it.

Every year sees me creating lists in spreadsheets of urls to items that the girls might like. It is ugly and must be difficult for those who receive it to see what they want to buy.

I was invited to have a look at StorkUp. I have to say that at first I just assumed it would be baby stuff because of the name but I was actually surprised that you can actually use the StorkUp button on any site. You can create your own lists for whatever you want and yes if you were pregnant it would be a great way of adding new baby items to a list to remind you to buy them or for family and friends to know what you want.

With all this in mind I have spent this morning creating my StorkUp Christmas list. I absolutely love all of the small retailers who are recommended by StorkUp and the clothes selection is fantastic. I also loved that Amazon was one of the StorkUp stores as I buy and recommend buying a lot of presents from there.

If you are lacking inspiration there are lots of lists that you can look at to see what others have chosen or you can even ask a mum and get a response from other users of the site. There is the option to look at trending or popular items as well as search for something specific.

StorkUp is a great fastgrowing shopping platform that lists thousands of baby and children’s products from hundred’s of retailers. Set up by real mums who completely understand what a nightmare birthdays, christmas and other occassions can be when present buying. You can also use the lists to do a room make over, create a new wardrobe for the winter or even make your own want list. What makes this site fabulous is the ability to add products from any site to your list. I was looking for some pyjamas for Elizabeth and I couldn’t find any she would like on the StorkUp site so I jumped over to a catalogue site used my “Add to StorkUp” button and added it to my list in a few simple quick steps. This is invaluable for pulling together your Christmas lists from multiple shops and keeping them visual. It is also easy to remove items from the list if you find something better.

I can not recommend using this site enough and I know I will spend many more hours creating the perfect Christmas lists for all the family especially as I have so many nieces and nephews.

Make sure you sign up to your own StorkUp account and then come and follow my lists.


Founders Fiona and Claire with their kids

Although this post was commissioned the writing and opinions are my own and I really do recommend you go and have a look for yourself.