Doing a Downton – How I’d get the look in my home 

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve joined the bandwagon when it comes to Downton Abbey. This cult TV show has captured the nation and it’s not just the gripping storylines that have us hooked.
The style of the Downton home is now one of the most sought after designs. The question is how can you create a Downton theme in your home? Well to help, I’ve come up with a list of how I’d change my home if I were to create a Downton theme.

1: No expense spared
The key to a Downton-themed home is to create a sense of luxury and style. You have to make it look like no expense has been spared (even if you got all your furniture at a local car boot!). So what’s the secret to luxury style furniture? The key is dark wood. The darker the wood, the better. Bookcases, beds, tables and chairs – they all look so much more elegant in dark wooden colours.

2: Switch to wallpaper
At one time wallpaper was considered to be a rich person’s luxury. These days it comes in a wide variety of colours and it’s really affordable. However, most homeowners prefer to use paint instead of wallpaper as it is easier to adorn our walls this way. If I were to create a Downton theme I’d ensure I invested in high quality wallpaper.

3: Pay attention to your windows
Double glazing is the one thing that lets you down when it comes to creating a Downton theme. All old houses had a single pane of glass. However, if you have a proper sash window restoration job completed it can help you to create the perfect Downton style.

4: Central wooden tables
The kitchen is one of the most important rooms I’d focus on when creating my Downton theme. Think about the kitchens you see in the program. They all have a central wooden table. Keep step one in mind and select a dark wooden table for best effects.

These are just four ways to recreate the Downton look – you don’t have to spend a fortune and you can add to it little by little.