Disney Infinity


Disney Infinity is Disney’s take on the toy/game craze created by the recent popularity of Skylanders.  Similar to Skylanders you use collectable figurines to activate your characters in game using a base unit.  The progress you make with your characters is then saved to the actual figurine.  That’s where the similarities end though because Disney Infinity offers different adventures for their characters through play sets and you can create your own sand box levels through the Toy Box mode.

You can see from the photo below that our family has already amassed quite a collection of Disney Infinity characters.  It’s no surprise that my two girls love this game as they love all the Disney and Pixar films.  The novelty of putting something physical down on the base and seeing it come alive in the game is not lost with my girls but at their age they don’t really care for the story mode.  The best enjoyment they have is from playing around the Toy Box where their imaginations can run wild.

Should you decide to take the plunge and purchase Disney Infinity then you will start off with the starter pack for your chosen console.  In the pack you receive the game, the infinity base, a power disc, three characters (Jack Sparrow, Sully and Mr. Incredible) and their play sets (Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters University and The Incredibles).  Comparing the figures and base unit to Skylanders, I have to say that Disney’s version is a lot better made.  There are three grooves on the infinity base for two figures and one power disc or play set.  If your children want to play two player in one of the play set adventures then you’re going to need another character from that world e.g. Mike Wazowski for Sully, Captain Barbosa for Jack Sparrow, Elastigirl for Mr. Incredible.  Not to worry though as you are able to play two player without buying additional characters but only in the Toy Box mode.

There are a number of play sets available at the moment with more to follow next year.  Play sets look like transparent trophies and have an hexagonal bottom, which allow you to play the campaign for a specific franchise.  Playing through play sets unlocks further items and vehicles to be used in the Toy Box.  Toy Box mode is quite a unique experience, it’s almost like Minecraft but using blocks and other things from the Disney universe.  You can also go online and visit other Toy Box worlds created by other players.  Power Discs are placed on the infinity base and offer new elements to either the play set or Toy Box.  So far we’ve only got one of the four power discs that can be used in a play set, which is Bolt’s super strength.  The rest are used in Toy Box and can change the theme or add vehicles.

So Disney Infinity is a game for the younger generation that will have adults wanting to take part.  Because of the diversity in gameplay I don’t think you’ll need to buy any other game for a while, which is a good thing considering the cost of the starter pack (£50) and other play sets (£25).  Also, the power discs are sold in blind bags at £3-4 a time, so you’ll start to notice your money disappear quickly.  But hey this is Disney so it’s bound to cost a lot of money.  Despite all this I still think you get your money’s worth from the game.