Wonderbook: Book of Potions


Book of Potions is the follow up game to the already successful Book of Spells for the PS3’s Wonderbook peripheral.  In this sequel young players come across another ancient textbook from the Harry Potter universe, titled ”Book of Potions” and written by the famous potioneer Zygmunt Budge, whose spirit continues to live on through the pages.  Under the guidance of Zygmunt Budge players begin to learn about famous potions and how to create them.  With the help of the Move controller you will either have to chop, crush or grind the ingredients for your magical concoctions.  After successfully making your first boil curing potion for a house elf, you then find yourself representing Hogwarts in a Wizarding Schools Potions Championship, a sort of Tri-Wizard tournament for potion making.  With the help of Zygmunt you will brew some fantastic potions to help you compete in the tournament and eventually win the golden cauldron.

Having previously played Book of Spells I was wondering what could be done to maintain children’s interest in the series.  My two little girls were very excited to see that we had the game (they loved playing Book of Spells) and couldn’t wait to turn on daddy’s PS3.  Obviously there are some similarities with the previous game, such as the Wonderbook coming alive on your TV, the Playstation Move controller turning into your wand and being able to link the game to your Pottermore account.  The additions of knife chopping and spoon stirring work really well with the game’s focus of potion making.  Players have also been given a “Concoction Mode”, where they can experiment with combining different ingredients they have gathered during the course of the game.  Lastly, it’s welcoming to see that in between the potion making there are a lot more cut scenes to help further the story along.

Over the last year the Wonderbook has been criticised for being a novelty, however, that doesn’t matter to my two girls because it becomes such an immersive experience for them whenever they interact with the Wonderbook.  It’s further helped by the fact that you have to sit on the floor with the Wonderbook, which is a perfect setting for the youngsters when gaming.  If you’re searching for the perfect present this Christmas that will excite your children, then why not choose the magical Wonderbook.