Many years ago I felt as though I didn’t have any real friends. I have some very good friends but I can count them on both hands. I didn’t really have any casual friends. Ones to go drinking with randomly.

I am not really the sort of person who has lots of friends. I have always preferred to surround myself with a few good friends who will be there through everything.

Over the last few years I have changed, I have started to count more people as my friends. People who have been there through the good and the bad, people who have supported me, hugged me and shown me that they cared.

Most of these people I have yet to meet, those I have met have immediately been embraced. The wonders of friendship that can occur over the keyboard and out into the virtual world is an amazing thing.

I have held peoples hands as they have had terrible news, I have celebrated birthdays with them from across the country, I have seen their children get older and watched them open their presents on christmas day. We see them off on their first day at school and commiserate with each other when the holidays come to an end. We have helped each other decorate houses, make huge differences to charity and campaign for what is right. We have seen babies born and watched their first steps and cooed over how cute they are.

We have been through some amazing adventures in our virtual world but the bit I love most, the bit that always makes me smile is being with them in person.

Last weekend was an epic weekend for bloggers. Some of us watched a good friend renew her wedding vows and showed her (and her family) that the weird internet friends are real life friends too. We then came together the next day at Mumsnet Blogfest to celebrate all there is about blogging, the debates, the arguments, the alcohol!

We hugged, we bumped, we laughed and we ranted. It was like a reunion of friends who have known each other for years but not seen each other for ages even though we spoke but a few days before.

I love my new friends, the ones I have met, the ones I have yet to meet and even those shy ones who are yet to tweet me.

Being a blogger is like being part of a huge family we may fall out occasionally but we love each other really.

Just like this lovely lot who I had the pleasure of partying the night away with in celebration of thirteen years of marriage.


Photo by Mammasaurus. Click the photo to read more about Actually Mummys fantastic day

Although this post doesn’t really go into much of what happened at Blogfest I am entering it into the Mark Warner competition to win a holiday to Levante. Blogfest to me was not about the sessions, it was about socialising (with friends and brands), having fun on a windsurfing board and drinking cocktails at the Mark Warner beach bar.

So I need to think about a tip for going on a family holiday and it can’t be leave the kids at home so after our recent adventures with Mark Warner at Lakitira I think I would have to say that placing your children in kids club is not a bad thing, the time for them to try new activities and for you to have some down time everyday refreshes you all ready for some family fun together.