Your Essential 2021 Travel Checklist

For most Brits, the return to normal has been long-awaited, and whilst it may still be a while off, there is hope. Almost anyone you ask will say they can’t wait to go on holiday, and for the first time since the pandemic started, it is feasible for most people. That being said, there are still many variables to consider. So, what should holidaymakers do before they travel to ensure that they are covid compliant and equipped for any last-minute covid changes?

Read on for all the information you need.

The Checklist

Is it actually safe to travel?

Before embarking on your trip, you should check the current Foreign Office travel advice. If you decide to travel to any countries that the Foreign Office advises against, it will likely invalidate any travel insurance you have. The list of green, amber, and red countries is updated regularly, so make sure to check often.

Do you have the right travel insurance?

Many ministers and health professionals are of the opinion that covid is not over. This means that the status of a country on the travel list can change; it may not stay on the green, for example. Travel insurers are beginning to offer specific policies that account for such changes due to covid restrictions. So be sure to check the fine print of what your policy actually covers you for before you head off. That being said, most insurers are unlikely to cover holiday cancellations due to covid as that was a known risk at the time of purchase.

Are there quarantine requirements at your destination?                                                         

While the UK has relaxed quarantine requirements for Brits returning from certain countries or if they are double jabbed, other countries are not as happy to accept the Brits. Some will only accept fully vaccinated tourists; others require negative tests on the days before travel or require a negative test upon arrival, and some have an enforced quarantine upon arrival.

Have you booked your Covid tests?                            

Most countries require a negative test result before travel, and there is debate on whether home tests are as effective. So ideally you should book a private covid test for travel. My Healthcare Clinic has locations across Britain, and they can help you secure a test and result to ensure that you meet travel requirements.

Do you have your proof of vaccination?                                                                                              

This is important if you plan on visiting a country that requires all tourists to be fully vaccinated. You can get your proof either by getting a letter from the NHS or by using the NHS Covid app.

Locator forms.                                                                                                                                        

Anyone entering the UK must fill in a passenger locator form which is shown to officials when you check in to travel back to Britain.

Is your passport valid?                               

For some countries, your passport needs to have at least six months left on it, and in some cases, they need to be under ten years old on the day of travel.

In Conclusion

Everyone deserves a holiday after the last couple of years, and if you use the above checklist traveling abroad doesn’t have to be daunting. Planning and preparation are important to ensure that any trip runs smoothly but especially now.