What Is the Highest Rated Russian River Cruise Line?

At times, the monotonous routine of our daily life gets on our nerves. And perhaps the best way to fix this is to take a break. People have different takes when it comes to taking a break from work. Some like to go for long drives, some for a vacation, and some even like to sip coffee and read a book. Let us give a very well-thought-out suggestion – a river cruise! A river tour makes for an interesting time, where you travel by the waterways and visit some well-known destinations of a place. River cruising has been in the business for a significant period now, and it has grown to be a favourite amongst many. Especially for keen travellers, river cruising has been a feature on the bucket list, which rightfully suffices their inquisitiveness. Taking all these into account, let us find out what the highest rated Russian River Cruise line is.

Top 4 Russian River Cruise Lines

Following is a list of the best four Russian River cruise lines, which are sure to make your visit to Russia worth it!

Treasures of Russia

This particular cruise on the Volga River is a fascinating trip to some famous destinations in Russia. A tour taking about eleven days from commencement to completion, it starts you off from St. Petersburg and visits places like Kizhi, Goritsy Uglich etc., along its route. Along with this, the tour also pays a visit to Verkhniye Mandrogi and Yaroslavl as well! The whole trip will be conducted by trained guides, who would be there regarding any help the tourist needs.

Anyone between the ages of 12 and 99 can get the full benefits of this trip, and as a bonus, this is fully conducted in English. Meaning you will have no problems taking in the major geographical and historical information being presented to you. And make no mistake about the historicity of the Volga – it is one of the most important rivers of the world. You will find something to learn at every stop!

Yenisei River – Krasnoyarsk to Dudinka

This next tour (available at https://vodohod-cruises.com) takes you along the Yenisei river, which is important and famous for all the hydroelectric power it provides, as well as being the fifth largest river in the world.

Now, though this tour does not take you near the plants, it is still a wonderful way to spend eleven days in summer. Groups can be as little as two, so if you prefer privacy, this might be the cruise for you. The stops and destinations of this tour include, in no particular order Krasnoyarsk, Norilsk, Dudinka, Turukhansk, Yeniseisk, Bakhta and Kangotovo.

The tour stops to take you to every major sight to see in all the stops, including the Regional Museum in Yeniseisk, the Old Believers Village in Kangotovo, and the Ethno-Cultural museum in Dudinka. It covers way more than you could have done on your own, making the package both lucrative and affordable, which is a truly wonderful combination.

Viking: Waterways of the Tsars

This tour, aptly named for its focus on the real Russia, is an experience you will enjoy for thirteen days – one that will forge a connection between your soul and the Russian soil that you are unlikely to ever forget. You will start off in Moscow, with the option of getting a tour of Tretyakov Gallery.

Then, along the course of your cruise, you will have such experiences as being invited into a local’s house for tea in Uglich, visiting a school in Kuzino and seeing how it works. This is swiftly followed by spending a few relaxing hours in a banya – a traditional bathhouse – in Mandrogi.

You also stop at Yaroslavl and Kizhi. When you reach St. Petersburg, you can choose to visit a kommunalka, which is a communal residential area – a remnant from the Soviet era. This tour usually takes place in May so as to make the most of your summer.

Emerald Waterways: Imperial Charms of Russia

This river cruise begins in St. Petersburg with, strangely enough, a bus ride! This takes you along the Nevsky Prospekt as well as a visit to the Hermitage Museum. Once you set sail, you will see the colourful wooden houses in Mandrogi, as well as take trips to the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery in Goritsy and the Kizhi Architectural Ensemble on Kizhi island. It definitely is not lacking in charms!

But it isn’t over yet. Beyond this lies in wait the golden ring cities of Yaroslavl and Uglich, and then the cruise ends in Moscow – with a whole day reserved to explore the Kremlin grounds.


River touring makes for a wonderful holiday, and in a country as vibrant and beautiful as Russia, there is no way that such an experience will allow you to return empty-handed. Do your research and find a tour that works for you to have the time of your life!