Kids Against Maturity

Now I love Cards against Humanity but it is definitely not a game I want to be playing with my kids so when I heard about Kids Against Maturity I was very excited. Played in the same sort of way, Kids against Maturity is aimed at ages 10 plus with lots of toilet humour, innuendoes, and a generally high level of immaturity. In fact, it is perfect for dads as well, it is at the dad joke level of humour so mums make sure you are prepared to roll your eyes a lot.

There is a disclaimer on the back as some people can find some of the cards a bit offensive so I would suggest reading through the white cards and removing any that you are not comfortable with. This will obviously depend on who is playing and your own sensibilities.

Playing a game like this as a family is loads of fun for kids as they are allowed to be a little bit rude, in fact, they may be shocked to see just how rude their parents can be. We found it to be a fun bonding experience and a great addition to family game night.

To play each player chooses 10 white cards at random. Then the players take it in turns to choose a blue card. The blue card is read out loud. The Blue question cards can be statements with gaps in them, jokes needing a punchline or even questions that need answering.

The players who did not choose the blue card look through their white answer cards to find an appropriate card to respond to the blue question card. The cards are all read out loud with the funniest pairing winning that round. It is the decision of the blue card reader to choose the winner. The used white cards are discarded and everyone takes a card until they once again hold 10 white cards.

You can decide between you how many hands you need to win before you are the winner or you can play for a set amount of time and the person with the most at that time could be the winner. The choice is yours.

Kids Against Maturity is ideal to take away with you. We took it camping and it kept us entertained on many of the evenings.

You can pick up Kids Against Maturity at Smyths Toys Superstores.