Have yourselves a crafty #LauraAshleyXmas

This weekend saw my conquer two fears. The sewing machine and floral patterns.

Ok so maybe I am not afraid of floral patterns but they certainly don’t feature much in my life. Luckily for me there was some lovely subtle patterned craft materials too.

Anyway I skip ahead. On Sunday I headed into Manchester to meet up with the Joe Bloggers team to take part in a fabulous Laura Ashley themed Christmas Craft activity with the help of Ministry of Craft. 

We were tasked with two creative challenges. Making a box out of wallpaper and a drawstring bag out of scraps of material.

Finished product

Not bad really considering I don’t have a crafty bone in my body. I even managed to not kill the sewing machine although I did come close.
I had a lot of interest in how to make the box and bow so here are the instructions 

The Box

The Bow

Alison wasn’t impressed with the girly box so I went and got this wallpaper sample to make her a box with.
I will be making the box with her after school tomorrow. 

I had great fun at the Laura Ashley Xmas event and they did too. You can check out the blog post over on the Laura Ashley Website and see some awful photos of me. 

I hope you have fun trying out the crafts above and if you do have a go tweet me a picture so I can see them too.