XLS Medical Max Strength- Mission accomplished?

In May I had a dream about our dream holiday in Florida and looking at all the photos of myself and hating them. This was a real possibility. I hated myself for being fat and I had tried so many things to lose weight but nothing stuck. I decided that once and for all I was going to use something to help me. I had always been put off by the price of weight-loss aids, stating that I would hate to pay that much and them not work so when I was offered the chance of a three month trial to review them I decided to give them a shot.

Three months later I had lost a stone and a half. Ok so I was kind of following the slimming world principle too but not completely and I was travelling all over the place for work, eating junk on the trains and at service stations. I knew that this loss was only partly down to will power. The tablets were working.

I continued to take the pills and six weeks later (including a  holiday abroad) I lost another half stone, 6 weeks after that I lost another half stone. Two and a half stone in total and I looked like a completely different person. It was hard to find photos of me from the beginning of the year but I managed to dig this one out from July when I went on the Disney Magic Cruise Ship Tour.

I still went away on holiday feeling fat but the seatbelt on the airplane was looser and I didnt have as many folds in my belly when I sat down so it was definitely an improvement.

I took my XLS Medical Max Strength on holiday with me and although I failed quite a few times to actually take them as our routine was all messed up and we were eating on the go all the time I have come back after two weeks away with only a 5lb gain which considering the americans put marshmallows on their vegetables it has to be a good thing. I am now home and although Christmas is in the way I am hoping to get this 5lb off as quickly as possible and get back down to business. I have a lot more weight to lose. My alarms are set for taking my tablets and we will be back in the routine soon enough. My house isnt full of Christmas treats although there are a few extra bits for the kids I am sure I can resist them.

I thought I would share a few of our photos of me from my holiday that I don’t hate.  There still were not many as I was the one with the camera but I can certainly see a huge difference from the one above.

So there you go I still have a long way to go but I dont hate all of our photos and I would say that for now my Mission is accomplished.

We do have a cruise coming up in August with Carnival Cruises though so I won’t be stopping now. With added willpower and more XLS I am hoping to use the next 8 months to really change my life. Keep reading to follow my journey on the path to feeling happy in my skin.