Where I work

The lovely Jen over at Love Chic Living is running a competition about making over your desk space. This is a great chance for me to really improve the one area of our house that is awfully unorganised.

I love organisation but unfortunately we don’t have space for me to have a desk which is really a shame as I always find I work better in an office type environment. Maybe that is why I spend so much time procrastinating on social media when I should be working.

This is my current workspace
Awful isn’t it!

At least the sofa has a foot rest so I can type with my feet up. I have piles and piles of paper from various different projects or ideas that I need to organise and review products stacking up under tables, on the sofa or by my feet. My cables get in a mess and I am constantly losing things. My main aim in my make over would be improved storage space.

I would place the storage bench to the side of the sofa next to the wall and store all the large review items that I have yet to write about in there. Then I would use the fabulous storage trunks to organise my paperwork and other items and store these on top of the storage bench. I would use the floor lamp to give me some much needed light for my many late nights typing away at the computer. I would make myself more comfortable with the fabulous pug cushion and brighten it up with the wall art which I know Alison would love as she is really into comics and superheros at the moment. As the voucher is for MADE I could not resist adding one of their fabulous Piggy Bags which are the best bean bags ever (I used to have them in my old office!) and I would get it in one of the Kick Ass 2 styles to match my wall art. I can see me relaxing in the Piggy bag on my phone catching up on social media whilst having a break from my laptop.

So I might not have a desk but my workspace is in definite need of a make over!  I would still need to make sure I had my favourite tigger mug to keep my caffeine levels up and having my camera to hand too but at least everything else will have its own proper place.

I did find this a few months back in our local charity shop. It is my dream desk but unfortunately we just do not have the space for it.
Now this would have kept me organised!
What does your desk space look like?