Interior Design ideas for a kids bedroom

You want your kid’s bedrooms to look fantastic. After all, they only grow up once and you want them to have the best memories of their childhoods. They spend so much time in their rooms, so let’s come up with some great design ideas.

If you’re looking for inspiration, keep reading. We’ve compiled a range of interesting design ideas. Tweak them as much or as little as you like!

1.      Soothing Wall Color

Help your child calm down and get off to sleep with a calm warm color. This means nothing particularly striking. Lavender is a favorite for the girls and an ocean blue for the boys.

2.      Strikingly Split Photographs

Get a picture they like and enlarge it. Take it to a picture store and have it split into different pieces. Frame each piece individually and put them back together again for a unique piece of art.

3.      Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard surfaces allow your child to draw as much as they like on the surface. What’s so special about this option is it gives the décor some interaction.

4.      Unify Furniture

Avoid clutter by combining pieces of furniture. For example, a chest of drawers can also serve as a table or a dressing table. You could even fix a standing mirror to the top.

5.      Wire from Wall to Wall

Hang up some pictures by stringing some chicken wire from wall to wall. This reduces the mess caused by sticking pictures directly to the wall. You’ll also find it easier to make design changes later on.

6.      Multipocket Organizers

Install multipocket organizers on the inside of a closet door. These little pockets provide extra storage space and can easily stick to most surfaces. You can stick them to the sides of drawers and on the back of the door, if you desire.

7.      Concentrated Storage

Store things wherever you can. Make your child feel special by providing them with some secret stashes. Even stepstools can have little compartments in the top these days.

Let your child’s room become a place with lots of hidden wonders.

8.      Use Curtains for the Inside and Outside

If you have too many areas for storage, it can still look cluttered. Use curtains to hide the various holes away. You can also create a theme by choosing matching mini curtains.

Have the same curtains used for the main window. Unity like this creates a consistent color scheme. It has the psychological effect that makes it clear this is your child’s room.

9.      Hangers with More

Forget single hangers where coats can be hung. Invest in a hanger system with lots of different sized hooks for everything from clothes to toys. Not only does it look completely off-the-wall, it’s an object of interest for children.

10.  Growth Chart

If you want a growth chart in your child’s room, do something different. Incorporate it with a theme.

For example, if they love something like Power Rangers, have a Power Ranger standing next to the chart. Use animals like giraffes and objects like space rockets. It’s up to you, but it makes the growth chart blend into the room.

11.  Separate Rooms

For rooms with more than one child, create distinct and contrasting color schemes for each side. This clearly marks out boundaries and might help to prevent arguments later on.

12.  Go Grown Up

Children who’re growing up don’t always want to be treated like kids. If they want to feel more grown up, let them have it. Give them a white and brown color scheme to make it look like mommy and daddy’s room.

13.  High Beds

Purchase bunk beds from with storage underneath. This maximizes space and uses much of the vertical potential, as well.

Bunk beds can come with a range of safety options, from ladders to full staircases.

14.  Color Clash

Try a design where the furniture color clashes with that of the walls and floor. It makes everything stand out. It also mimics a ‘crazy’ look that some children just love to have.

15.  Try Some Scale

Choose pieces of oversized furniture to offer some extra scale to a room. An easy way to do this is to grab a chair that’s slightly bigger than your child. They can still use it, but it adds an extra layer of fun.