What sort of mum am I?

I got a handmade card from Elizabeth on Mothers Day which featured a flower. On each petal of the flower she had to write a reason why she loved me. It was such a lovely idea and yet the reality of what she wrote made me think. 

I spend far too much of my time working either in the same room or travelling. She states on one petal that when I am away I always miss her.

I buy my children’s forgiveness and affection with gifts and food. She wrote on one petal that I get her lots of goody bags, another states that I buy her sweeties and a third mentions the fact I let her have pudding after dinner.

I lose my temper with her far too often. One petal reads even when I am angry I still love her.

Having sat through the Keynote session by Nickie O’hara at Blog On this weekend I have come to realise that I have a real issue with Time Management. I always think that I take on more work than I have time to do but in actual fact the work is fine it is the time I take to do it that is the problem. Spending most of my working day procrastinating means that I end up not getting my work done one time yet every now and then I look at my to do list and I zoom through it. These days are the days that I turn my phone on silent, ignore social media and enjoy the feeling of crossing things off my list.

I have thought about a blogging plan in the past but I have never been very good at implementing one but there is no reason to stop me. I have decided that my kids come first and whilst I will work on my laptop when they are at school I will only answer urgent emails on my phone between 3:30pm and 8pm when it is time for the girls to go to bed. I will also implement my own curfew of 10pm for turning the laptop off. Those hours should give me more than enough time. After school I will spend time with the girls doing homework or playing with the review products we have. I need to take the photos anyway so doing them together is a much nicer way of spending time together.

I hope next year Elizabeth will be able to say that I am always there for her, I shower her in love and affection, I help her do her homework, I read to her and love listening to her read to me and that I love her very much. 

Life is too short to work all the time but working pays the bills so I need to make my work fit my life not the other way round.