Nestles Blogger Challenge – Creepy Crawly Cereals

We all know that kids can be picky eaters but did you know that 47% of children have eaten a creepy crawly from the garden and yet 71% refuse to eat their greens!

Nestle carried out some research into the struggle parents faced every day to get vitamins and minerals into their kids. Its crazy to think that kids would rather eat worms, caterpillars and snails. They decided to build a 10ft Cereal Caterpillar to show there is an easier way to get a whole bowl of vitamins and minerals than eating a creepy crawly.

They then set us a challenge.

Using Nestle Cereals and a selection of craft materials we had to get creative and make our very own Cereal Creepy Crawly.

Alison opted for a butterfly, creating the wings out of one of the mini cereal boxes. I was really impressed with her wing designs and the fact that she remembered from a recent school topic that Butterflies wings are the same on both sides. She spent a long time lining everything up and I think she did a great job.
Elizabeth hates real spiders but she couldn’t wait to get started on creating this creepy crawly. I think it was the opportunity to thread cheerios onto pipe cleaners. She really enjoyed making this but she enjoyed eating the dry cereal even more.
The girls then challenged me to make a caterpillar. Now I am absolutely useless at crafts so my attempt is laughable in comparison with the girls creations. I was almost tempted to lay claim to one of theirs to prevent my embarrassment but I felt that I couldn’t lie to you.
Making Creepy Crawly Cereal Creatures was lots of fun and tasty too!

The girls have promised that these are the only types of creepy creatures they will be eating in the future.

Have you ever eaten bugs? I have to admit to eating a few dried ones in the past but a bowl of cereal is definitely better than a bowl of bugs.