What do you want to know about a Big Weekend?


As a Butlins Ambassador I really take my job seriously, so much so that I want to experience everything they have to offer. I have been to every resort, I have stayed in the different types of accommodation, I have been on term time breaks and school holiday breaks and we will even be going on a Christmas break but there is one type of break that I have not experienced yet.

Yes I am talking about an Adult only weekend.

So it is with great pleasure that I announce I will be going to Butlins Bognor Regis on the 30th November for a long weekend. It will be the Soul Weekender and I will be looking forward to seeing the Brand New Heavies, The Real Thing and Soul II Soul. What I am really looking forward to though is seeing the difference in teh atmosphere and the entertainment.

When I tried to google to see what happens on these breaks I couldn’t really find anything so I know I have to do a great job at ensuring that I collect all the information people might want to know. So please leave me any questions you would like answering in the comments below and hopefully whilst I am there I will be able to find out the answers for you.