Tomato sauce, washing up liquid and vinegar!


Alison’s scary sprout costume

On Saturday 27th October I made a big mistake, I decided that with Elizabeth wanting pink hair to feel more girly it was only fair to let Alison have green hair.

A nice wash in wash out hair dye would be perfect, she could have green hair for halloween and then be back to normal in time for going to school. Unfortunately those of you who have seen us since then will have noticed that Alison still has green hair. 

We have taken lots of advice over the last few weeks and so far Alison has had her hair washed with Tomato Ketchup, washing up liquid, Vinegar, Lemon juice and lots of different types of shampoo.

Although her hair is getting fainter there is still definitely a greenish tinge to her hair and having just had her school photos on Thursday it will now be a permanent reminder in the form of her first ever school photo.

If you have any ideas on how to turn her hair back to normal please do let me know, we will literally try anything.