What do you get a five year old who has everything?

In three short weeks Elizabeth turns five and I need to start thinking about what I want to get her for her birthday.

My hubby says not to bother because she has too much already which is true but she can’t not have anything to open on her birthday.

She has been begging for Lelli Kelly shoes but there is no way I am paying £50 for a pair of shoes she will outgrow in a few months.

I really am not sure what to get. She really does get sent so much via my blog and although she will need spending money for Disneyland Paris that isn’t very exciting to open on your birthday.

I was sitting down to do another post today and whilst I was looking for inspiration on what to write about for the fads.co.uk website, I came across a gorgeous pink vanity table which I am sure Elizabeth will love.

Pink Vanity, perfect for any little girls bedroom

I think it is stunning and will take pride of place in her bedroom. She is getting the stage that she would love her own mirror and place to store her make up and jewellery so I think this would be ideal I just need to justify the cost to hubby. I wonder if I can get a discount or a review?

Mind you we are having her birthday at Butlins house and I am not carrying this all the way there so I still need to think of something smaller for her to open.

What would you get a five year old who has everything?