Behind the scenes at Sealife Centre Manchester

Being a blogger brings with it some fantastic opportunities and today was a day full of excitement and wonder. and I am not talking about the kids.

To kick off we visited Home Sense who have a new store opening tomorrow in Manchester Arndale. I was given free money to spend and as I have another blogging task to do a makeover on one of our rooms I decided that it was the perfect place to start. Home Sense in the Trafford Centre is one of those places I have walked past a lot. That’s right I walked past it, I have never ventured in because everything outside looks expensive.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. The bits I picked up were amazing and an absolute bargain. Its kind of like TK Maxx mixed with a maths teacher. You still find all the weird and wonderful stuff but it is organised by colour, type and size. Personally I loved it and Hubby better start watching the bank cards a bit closer because otherwise I will be making over all the rooms in the house.

There were five bloggers at the Home Sense preview so we all headed for lunch in the Orient at the Trafford Centre. It is from this point that it got a little bit crazy. Katy Ashworth (I can cook) was performing on the stage and then we met up with Alex Winters (cbeebies) and his family along with a few other blogging families.

We all headed over to the Sealife Centre Manchester which is due to open in the Barton square part of the Trafford centre on 6th June. Blogs Up North (my alter ego) had arranged a lovely preview of the new Sealife Centre and I was overwhelmed with interest and so it was that over 30 bloggers and their families were waiting outside of the Sealife Centre when I arrived looking very stressed at five to two.

Alex and his family were coming in with us too and with such a large crowd they decided to split us into three groups to enter the centre.  We waited around for the last group which meant the girls got to spend lots more time with Alex who was being silly as usual. (Look at the bottom of the post for a really silly picture)

Unfortunately as we went in last this did mean I didn’t get a chance to talk to anyone which is unusual for me because I do love a good chin wag but there was just too many people to get round.

The Sealife Centre is not quiet ready for the public and there was parts that were still being built so we can’t wait to use our merlin passes and go back in there when it is all finished and Elizabeth can’t wait to go in the shop.

There is so much to see that I would love to show you but I would hate to spoil the surprises. I will tell you to keep an eye on my blog because hopefully soon I will be taking part in a SeaTREK (it looks awesome) and I might even convince Mr Alex Winters to do it with me.
So two fabulous places about to open and we have had the luxury of seeing them both. Oh and to top it off me having a healthy lunch (whilst everyone else ate burgers and chips) really paid off as I also got my two stone award at Slimming World tonight!