My bloody legs hurt!

I was dreading yesterday, I really was but not as much as I was dreading today.

You see running, jogging or even walking 10k really hurts and I couldn’t count the blisters of two hands even if I wanted too but the thing that hurts more is the next day.

Yesterday I took part in the Bupa Great Manchester Run which is a distance of 10k. It wasn’t easy and in that heat it was almost unbearable. I saw far too many people collapsing of heat exhaustion and being treated by St Johns Ambulance and there were a lot more people who decided to take it a bit easier and walk most of it rather than run. 

I was running for Macmillan Cancer care and I am sad to say I never did reach my target of raising £500 for them. I have £100 on a paper form but that still leaves me £76 short. If you can spare anything to help me reach my target please do so. The justgiving link is or you can text “TMOT99 £1” to 70070 to donate £1. You can also donate other amounts by text by changing the £1 to £2, £3, £5 or even £10.

I was running in a tshirt I designed myself because I wanted to show all the children on Ward 84 that I was thinking of them as I was running.  
I am not that proud of my time having come in at 1hr 37minutes but in the heat and with so many people walking in the way there was not much that could be done about it. 40,000 runners took part in the event yesterday and my time brought me in at 27271st as Elizabeth said it didn’t matter if I won it was the taking part that mattered.

I am very proud of Elizabeth as she has asked if she can do a run for charity next year when she is stronger. She was so proud of the medal that I received that she couldn’t stop congratulating me and giving me hugs for the rest of the day.

I actually managed to get my hands on two medals and so my children each have one in their rooms. A reminder that you can do anything you set your mind too and that their mummy can do amazing things.

The photo below was taken just 150metres from the finishing line and myself and Libby (who I met half way round) crossed the line together after giving each other moral support for the last four kilometres. There is nothing like adversity to bring people together and believe me six kilometres into that run and it really did feel like hell on earth.

So even though I can hardly walk today and I have so many blisters I may as well wrap my feet in plasters I know that this time next year I would be doing it all again because there is nothing quite like the feeling of doing something amazing for charity and nothing better than the look of a proud daughter grinning at their Mum.