What are your online habits?

I arrived back home at around four o’clock yesterday afternoon and apart from going to bed last night, a doctors appointment earlier and a few trips to the toilet I have sat with my laptop on my knee ever since. Hubby has looked after the kids and cooked the dinner and I have just sat here.
You would have thought that I might have ploughed through my to do list, you would have thought I would have crossed loads of bits out but instead I have found myself procrastinating. I have opened and closed Facebook so many times today and twitter too. I have checked every email account I own, updated all my spreadsheets, paid bills that didn’t really need paying and just generally wasted time.

Some of my online catalogues released their Christmas items whilst I was on holiday last week so I was browsing through them to see what to get for the kids or for Hubby. I didn’t end up buying anything but must have wasted an accumulated three hours or so doing that.

Ok so I did put the finishing touches on my tombola and I scheduled some tweets about it for the next few days, I wrote a post about our holiday and fed our pet Poppet and gave some moshlings a wash (with no kids sat next to me) but the huge list of things I still need to do is staring at me and making me sad.

It seems that Social Media has a huge part to play in peoples online habits, in a recent survey more than 4% of people admitted to having their careers damaged thanks to social media, with badly timed status updates and unflattering pictures leaving them in trouble with the boss. Maybe I should spend less time on Social Media and more time actually doing my work and getting through my to do list.